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Application of MINSTRONG ozone decomposition catalyst in medical disinfection machine industry

Medical sterilizer uses ultraviolet sterilization, ozone generator, plasma and other disinfection technologies to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and harmful gases in the air. However, medical sterilizers will generate ozone during use. Ozone itself has strong oxidizing properties. Living in an environment with concentrations exceeding the standard will cause serious harm to the human body. We cannot cause secondary harm to people because of sterilization and disinfection.

People with a sensitive sense of smell can smell ozone when the concentration is 0.02 ppm, which is called the sensory threshold. When the ozone concentration is 0.15 ppm, it is the critical value of smell. Most people can smell it, and it is also a hygienic standard point. When the ozone concentration reaches 1-10ppm, it is called the irritation range, and when it is above 10ppm, it is the poisoning value.

In the medical disinfection machine industry, MINSTRONG has provided a complete set of ozone exhaust solutions for many medical device manufacturers across the country. MINSTRONG's ozone decomposition catalyst module is used in medical sterilizers to solve the problem of back-end ozone. During the actual test process, the outlet ozone concentration was measured to be lower than 0.001ppm, which was basically undetectable by the instrument, achieving harmless treatment.

Project Overview: A medical disinfection machine manufacturer

Ozone decomposition catalyst: Minslite-BC09

Catalyst quantity: 50KGS

Operating temperature: normal temperature

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