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How to deal with excess ozone produced by high-voltage static electricity

High-voltage electrostatic air purification equipment is a technology widely used in air purification applications such as dust collection and oil removal. It is currently an ideal method because it can effectively remove solid particles and oil fumes in the air and has the following advantages:


1. Efficient purification: High-voltage electrostatic equipment can capture tiny particles suspended in the air through electrostatic action, including dust, smoke and oil smoke. This makes it excellent at collecting dust and oil, which can significantly improve air quality.


2. Low energy consumption: Compared to traditional mechanical filters, high-voltage electrostatic devices generally have lower energy consumption because they do not require powerful fans to push airflow through the filter media.


However, a common problem with using high-voltage electrostatic equipment is the production of ozone. Ozone is a highly oxidizing gas. Ozone exceeding normal concentrations can cause harm to human health and the environment. Therefore, it is important to solve the problem of ozone generated by high-voltage electrostatic equipment.


MINSTRONG ozone decomposition catalyst is a technology for treating ozone, which has the following advantages:


1. Efficiently decompose ozone: MINSTRONG ozone decomposition catalyst can efficiently decompose ozone molecules and convert them into harmless oxygen. This helps reduce the concentration of ozone in the air, thereby mitigating the harm of ozone to humans and the environment.


2. Durable performance: This catalyst has good durable performance and is not easy to fail. It can work stably for a long time and provide continuous ozone decomposition effect.


3. Safe and reliable: The use of MINSTRONG ozone decomposition catalyst is safe and reliable and will not cause additional environmental pollution or health risks.


By integrating the MINSTRONG ozone decomposition catalyst into high-voltage electrostatic air purification equipment, the ozone problem can be effectively solved while maintaining efficient dust collection and oil removal performance, ensuring that indoor air quality meets health and environmental standards. This combination of technologies can provide a more comprehensive air purification solution.



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